Empathy is undergoing an evolution. In a global and interconnected culture, empathy and compassion must be extended to people of all backgrounds and identities, including patients, our colleagues and the communities we serve. The human capacity for empathy is vast but is also subject to change. Empathetics was founded with a mission to expand empathy and compassion by teaching individuals and teams how to understand, appreciate and respond to the perspectives and emotions of others.
As we have learned from extensive research, the capacity for empathy is not merely an innate trait—it is also a skill that can be learned and expanded. Empathetics offers evidence-based educational tools and skills to build both individual and team empathic capacities to create authentic emotional connection with others in every healthcare encounter and beyond.
Welcome to Empathetics!

Helen Riess, M.D. at TEDxMiddlebury

Dr. Riess is Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Empathetics, Inc. She is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Her research on empathy and the neuroscience of emotions has been published in peer reviewed journals. She is a core member of the Research Consortium for Emotional Intelligence (CREIO) and is also a faculty member of the Harvard Macy Institute.