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Cynthia Campbell, Chief Experience Officer at BALANCE

“Dr. Riess’ Empathetics training was so timely. Empathy is about connection and there is no better time than in the middle of a global pandemic to talk about increasing our empathy towards those we serve and towards our co-workers. Many people that call us are experiencing financial stress –  it is so important that the… Read more »

Daniel Goleman, New York Times bestselling author of Emotional Intelligence

“Empathy has always been a secret strength of the healer’s art. In The Empathy Effect Dr. Helen Riess, a compassionate physician herself, updates this ancient tool, making it a practical and accessible skill for anyone in the healing professions–and everyone else, too.”

Bill McDonough, CEO Minnesota Malpractice Insurance Company

“We promote Empathetics with all of our clients to help their teams develop more meaningful connections with the patients.  The ability to engage in difficult conversations in a way that maintains the relationship and enables healing is so important. Empathetics is a company whose mission we heartily support.”

Tom Prugar, North Shore Hospital, Salem, MA

“Everyone here thinks highly of the Empathetics product. They’re a very good team. It is great training, great contact, which keeps it ‘sticky.  Empathetics is all about how to have a ‘difficult conversation’, which is incredibly important for healthcare right now.” 

Dr. David Feldman, Hospital Insurance Company, (HIC) New York

“We went to Empathetics to see if we could make the ‘communications piece’ argument; that in malpractice suits, the issue is almost always both technical AND communications based.  With Empathetics, we liked the idea of the science behind empathy.  That really convinced us.  We see a lot of possibility with Empathetics.   Clearly there is a need. … Read more »